Any facility that SCAN super 8 in NEW york?

Gabriele Turchi Jan 2, 2014

  1. Hello, does anyone know any facility that scan (DATA-CINE) super 8 in New York City?

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  3. Thanks rob , but I am looking for high quality 2K/HD scans (I have to scan kodak vision 3 negative film )
  4. The Kinetta does 3k, and ECn i believe. Otherwise i am not sure of a outfit in NYC which has data scanning I know Tech used to shuttle a S8 gate around the US for the Spirit. We have a new machine coming which will be ready at Cinelab this month and it does 2K perf stabilized scans of Super-8mm to DPX but we are in Massachusetts and it will probably be and of Jan before it arrives.
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  5. do you know the price of kinnetta?
  6. I don't have pricing.
  7. Have it:

    The Kinetta Archival Scanner, with 3.3K sensor module (3296 x 2472 x 12 bit), 8/S8, 16/S16, and 35mm gates, and capture computer with 16TB storage, and one-year warranty, lists for US $179,995.00.

    This includes our new capture software with real-time image stabilization, which works with even severely damaged film of all formats.
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  8. That's a lotta dough, but I have to admit, the pin-registered aspect is appealing.

  9. Gabriele: HD is not enough resolution for S8! For 4:3 aspect ratio uncropped scans, we scan at 5x HD resolution, 3296 x 2472 x 12 bit. Makes a big difference. You can see our scans on the big screen in films including OUR NIXON (about 70% Kinetta scans of Super-8). Personally I do not like color negative for Super-8 -- most cameras are set to underexpose slightly since they are designed for reversal stocks, and underexposed color negative tends to be very grainy. But of course we scan it. We're at 7 West 22nd Street, 6th floor, NYC.
  10. Mark: That is with a 3.3K sensor module that scans at up to 20 fps, capture computer with 16 TB of storage, gates for 8/S8, 16/S16, and 35 (2-3-4 perf). It is instantly (takes 1 minute) upgradable to new sensors as they become available -- and we currently offer 4.9K and 6.6k sensors (which are of course slower than the 3.3K sensor). The Kinetta Archival Scanner is designed for scanning extremely damaged and shrunken film but of course it works with modern film too.
  11. I should add that unlike most scanners and telecines, the Kinetta can capture everything on even the contrastiest reversal original or print without compromise. You can download full res frames from actual scans here:
  12. Thanks for the info, Jeff "Where the Heck Have You Been" Kreines!
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  13. I haven't seen the newer version of Jeff's Kinetta but it seems like a excellent machine, the KAI-08050 Kodak CCD is very modern and has low noise for a CFA sensor with multiple taps. I still think the best quality scans are done with Monochrome single tap sensors and full scans of each color though.

  14. Not in NY, but the US dollar goes a long way in Toronto, Canada :)

    We can do 8/16/35mm on our lasergraphics scanstation in 5k. At our little studio created by cinematographers.


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