Any Northlight operators out there?

Perry Paolantonio May 22, 2015

  1. Got some questions for you. PM me...
  2. Bump. Anyone?
  3. I have done it, but not for years and years. Call up the Filmlight people: they're very nice and know their scanners better than anybody:

    Filmlight, Inc.
    3255 Cahuenga Blvd W - Suite 301
    Los Angeles, CA 90068
    (323) 785-1630

    I believe manuals are up on the Filmlight Website.
  4. Thanks. Yeah - I talked to them but without a support contract in place (yet), one can only get so much information. Right now I'm specifically looking for someone with the 16mm kit, who wouldn't mind taking pictures of all of the parts that come with it (I think just three pieces). We just bought a scanner which originally had these, but the previous owner couldn't find the 16mm stuff. I'm hoping some photos of the parts might jog their memory.

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