Cinelab's "New" 35MM ECN Processor

Robert Houllahan Jan 20, 2015

  1. We got this Photomec 35MM Processor from DuArt it was their newest machine, we are finalizing the install so I took an iPhone video...

    From the school that is old.
  2. What is that, a printing press? Looks like a scene from all the presidents men.
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  3. Was the plane engine in the background included or did you pay extra for that? :)
  4. This machine is driven by steam turbine and the steam is made by a Coal-Atomic plant in the basement.

  5. I just want to know, if it can do Rec-709 and what do I use for IDT. These young kids got me all confused with all this latest technology...
  6. Oh it will "Do" Rec709 and then some, also there are a number of tanks with various liquids that you can dissolve LUTs into.
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  7. can you get high off the liquids? you can buy pot at the supermarket in colorado now. in the produce dept.
    but you can't buy cigarettes. those are dangerous.
  8. Spend a little time in the morning sniffing those chemicals I bet by the end of the day your "looks" will be pretty groovy.
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  9. Like resolve on a new Mac pro.
  10. To be fare I haven't seen any of that stuff on my outputs. Running 8-core d700s. Using neat video NR. Thank da lawwwrd!
  11. Congrats, Robert! Glad that somebody is trying to keep celluloid alive.

    Anybody whoever walked through Fotokem's film lab, or CFI, Deluxe, or Technicolor, will vividly remember that pungent aroma. Even in the color timing rooms upstairs, you could be overcome by the chemical fumes that wafted up from the lower levels. Awful.

    And then there was the time I almost passed out after wading into a room where a film cleaner exploded and was chugging out about fifty gallons of Perchloroethylene all over the floor. I had to rescue the film, then I staggered for the door and almost fell over. I'm convinced that probably shortened my lifespan by a couple of months.

    There are a few things I really miss about film, but neg dirt and film cleaners are not among them.
  12. Ok try this then...
    Put some 4k media in a UHD timeline, grade and add nr.
    Render to UHD.
    Play some greatful dead.
  13. Hey hey hey don't hijack my thread about silver jello based imaging with your new fangled trash can lookin' non replaceable GPU having Kom-Pooterz.

    This is about dead animal sprinkled with silver MmmmKay?
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  14. What's the dead animal? I thought it was all petroleum by-product?
    And you ever do skip bleach now?
    (How's that?)
  15. This past week I've been on two film projects (one feature, from a few years ago, one music video, brand spanking new) and I think they finally filled out my data set for a theory; there's been a lot of handwringing about the availability of the stock itself, and similarly about the number of labs, but neither of those are the actual difficulty I'm seeing filmmakers having when shooting film. The thing that I see falling off really quickly is the quality of the film-handling work, from camera crews (hairs in gate, dust and scratches, incorrectly lined-up framing charts) to processing (liquid damage, failure to push/pull as ordered) to scanning (bad alignment, bad lights, failure to organize timecode and metadata)...

    It's not, as far as I can tell, even related to budget - the highest budget film I've been privy to had the most problems, and nearly had footage that was a total loss...

    At the same time, movies and series with really well done film image quality stand out to me more than ever (like FOXCATCHER and OLIVE KITTERIDGE recently).

    So Robert, I hope those projects find their way to you and that it all exceeds the quality that I've been seeing lately! Good luck, we're all counting on you.
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  16. I know a camera assistant who had to work on a film job not too long ago, and he told me, "man, I went nuts just trying to remember how to get the loop set correctly in a Panavision camera!" It had been more than 18 months since he had even touched a film camera. This is quickly becoming a lost art.
  17. Film is cotton, cow bone in the form of gelatin and silver when it's acetate based, estar stock is polyester so most camera stocks are not petroleum based at all.

    As to film handling it's basic mechanic's work I think it will be coming back around now that everyone has had their fill of the insta-digo-gram camera ;-)

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