Digital Intermediate Colorist/ Engineer (Los Angeles)

Jason Myres Nov 14, 2016

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    Los Angeles, CA

    Digital Intermediate Colorist/ Engineer

    Apply Here:

    New full service Motion Picture Laboratory seeking a Colorist and Digital Intermediate engineer to serve as an in house colorist to do all grading and image processing in a 2K color suite environment and operate Telecine machines (Cintel,Spirit), Motion Picture Film Scanners (ARRISCAN, IMAGICA, Kodak GENESIS), Lipsner-Smith Ultrasonic film cleaners, etc. This would include general upkeep of the machinery, including cleaning, lubricating and other general maintenance. Must have a strong background in photochemical workflows, including Printing, CYMK color space, etc. 99% of our clients are die hard to the death committed to celluloid film and can smell an amateur Lab Technician from a century away. Be ready to dust off old knowledge and go into depth. Must be able to produce materials in a manner consistent with each post workflow, Digital Finish, Film Out, etc.

    The ideal responsibilities:

    Work with clients in order to create their vision

    Support the management in pitching creative possibilities to clients

    Attend shoots as a VFX shoot supervisor when required

    Supervise Digital Intermediate workflow to confirm all correct steps are taken

    Troubleshoot technical and management issues for the studios.

    Provide visually creative and timely solutions to clients.

    Communicate regular update reports to other VFX staff and departments on status of work.

    Able to manage time effectively and give accurate assessments of the workload and the time required to complete tasks.

    Able to provide preliminary and final color correction including all One Lights, Linear, Log and other deliverables as necessary.

    Comfortable working in client attended sessions on finishing projects

    Must have:

    A STRONG background in celluloid film. No applicants who haven't personally handled at least 900,000ft of film. Must have skills that developed from the photochemical workflow, including a firm understanding of the traditional photochemical workflow, and film cinematography.

    10+ years experience on narrative work, commercials and visual effects heavy projects.

    An understanding and commitment to providing superior service to commercials clients, both from a technical and creative point of view.

    A thorough understanding and experience in image and color theory.

    Proficiency in film and video broadcast standards and video and graphics formats.

    Must be highly organised and have the ability to juggle several jobs at once in a highly efficient manner.

    Very strong interpersonal and communication skills with both clients and staff at all levels

    Respectful to other team members at all times

    Cool under stressful situations

    Telecine experience
    Davinci Resolve experience
    Davinci 2K experience
    Scratch DI experience
    Scanning experience (Arriscan, Cintel, Spirit, etc)
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