Digital Vision releases Nucoda and Phoenix 2016.1

Patrick Morgan Nov 2, 2016

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    Yes, it's all done, 2016.1 has been released, it is a very big release for both Nucoda and Phoenix. We have added great features and tools.

    We have a had a phenomenal response to ACES and have customers delivering UHD and HDR graded in ACES.

    High frame rate deliveries have become commonplace, with UHD, HDR 50fps broadcast deliverables created on a weekly basis by some users.

    Phoenix 2016.1 has a new weapon for those film nasties - DVO Dry Clean (yes seriously) - in our opinion it is a groundbreaking tool that will change the way restoration is done.

    As always - thanks to LGG and Jason for being so supportive.


    Nucoda Product Manager

  2. Hi Patrick,

    Is "Dry Clean" the new dust tool you guys showed at NAB? If so, is that available in Phoenix Touch?
  3. Great news Patrick!
  4. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    Congratulations Patrick! You guys worked really hard on this release. Excited to see everyone using it out in the wild.
  5. Congrats to Patrick and the DV team, solid work as always!

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