F.S 7. RAW. Anyone.

Paul Harding Dec 8, 2016

  1. We've recently bought a Sony FS7 to add our kit. I am trying to find out if the sony raw adaptor is worth having.

    I done a lot of searching for info, but there seems to be no current posts etc about grading the raw.

    So my question is can the raw footage really be pushed more than Slog 3/2. or is the difference of raw not worth buying the extra module.

    I am very conversant with grading Red Raw.

  2. Ive been working with downloads of fs7 raw footage from the odessy posted to dvxuser.
    There may be some quantization going on such that it is not actual 12 bit raw.
    Still there is definitely a perceivable difference in color depth for me when pushing color hard, and the footage does seem cleaner.
    Note that davinci does not have a sdk similar to RED raw for color space debayer etc for Cdng the only decent option I found was P3 gamma 2.4 with a custom curve.
  3. Thanks Aharon. with only one reply to my question, it seems that not many are working with the Sony Raw.

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