For Those who haven't seen this yet

Simon Astbury Sep 6, 2016

  1. Holy sh**
  2. the mirrors at 1.55......rather good
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  3. Ha, i actually rewinded that part!
  4. Me too - pretty much awesome!
  5. I was watching during my lunchbreak on my phone, but i gave it another run just yet, but with subwoofer adjusted accordingly. it got even better!
  6. And for those wondering;
    Director - Spike Jonze
    DP - Hoyte van Hoytema
    Colour - Stefan Sonnenfeld

    Think it was shot on 35mm but can't remember where I saw it so could be making that up.
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  8. Wow, rewatched it a few times. Loving it. Must have gone a few hours of work i here.....
  9. Very reminiscent of Spike Jonze's brilliant 2001 Fatboy Slim "Weapon of Choice" video:


  10. Marc i think that been one of the conversation online about this

    cinematography ...awesome
    execution .....awesome

    original creative concept ........" its like he phoned it in"

    or maybe he was doing a homage to himself or ripping himself off .....which actually would be quite clever :)
  11. Eh, I think they're both very clever and they work fine. Jonze is a very creative, interesting guy who does great work. If you do another project 10 years later that's similar to another project, to me that's just personal style, not phoning it in.
  12. I think style is one thing and a creative concept is another especially in advertizing, if any body else had done this it would have been judged very differently

    i'm calling this a " creative reversioning"....with lasers :)
  13. My take is: if he only reuses this idea once every 15 years, he gets a free pass.
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  14. Do you think he talked them into letting her act like that, and that it will work. Yes I like this piece. I didn't even keep focusing on the color, she was so charming.

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