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Jason Myres Sep 24, 2016

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    Finishing Producer - Creative Services
    Location: Burbank, CA, USA
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    A team player with an in depth knowledge of Trailer Finishing and the Digital Intermediate process as it applies to Motion Picture Marketing. This includes a working knowledge of basic color management, resolutions, capture mediums, graphics, visual effects, and editorial process. The candidate must have excellent communication skills & follow-up, be proactive and detail oriented. Experience managing trailer work flows including the breakdown, assessment and listing of trailers with knowledge of, EDLs, file formats and Excel is required. Must also be able to function in dynamic situations and be familiar working with digital artists, studio executives & film makers. Hours will vary with individual projects and require flexibility.

    Responsibilities will include but not limited to:

    • Extensive verbal and written communication with studio contacts, creative vendors, feature editorial, and graphics & VFX vendors
    • Consultation and determination of appropriate work flow for individual projects
    • Communication of detailed instructions and management of artists & operators. This will include technical, logistical and aesthetically specific information
    • Facilitation and management of client sessions for Conform, DI, and VFX
    • Detailed confirmation and in house approval of trailer conforms
    • Scheduling of resources to meet client deadlines in coordination with in house resources team.
    • Shot research & overcutting (FCP or Avid). Requires familiarity with feature code books, data bases, edls , and creation of shot lists in excel.
    • Ordering ,management, coordination of in house and out of house data sources (camera original, vfx, audio, graphics, stock footage)
    • Ordering of files from camera original data for conform and delivery of plates for graphics and VFX
    • Management of VFX Artists for execution of MPAA and Legal fixes. Supervision of client reviews and notes
    • Determination and communication of technical specs for the ordering of graphics
    • Liaison with Mix and Sound facilities. Coordination with the studio and editorial for the ordering of elements
    • Creation and movement of encodes for Conform Check , Audio, & Client review
    • Management of incoming and outgoing data deliveries
    • Management of Studio Deliverable Requirements - creation and delivery
    Proficiency with
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Word
    • Adobe Reader
    • Filemaker Pro
    • Automator
    • Final Cut Pro and /or Avid
    • Basic knowledge of Photoshop, Clipster, Nuke helpful
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