"Ghost in the Shell" (March 2017)

Marc Wielage Nov 14, 2016

  1. Man, I have no idea what this movie is about, but the images are absolutely stunning:

  2. You should watch the original anime Marc.
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  3. The original japanese anime is a masterpiece
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  4. +1
    The original is one of my top 3 films. Matrix was inspired by the original.
    And I can't believe what became of this now. Just a nother blockbuster...
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  5. Have you actually seen this?
  6. Tero i,m with you i need to see this before i make a judgement the images do look stunning .... mind you the storyboard they had to work from eg the original movie was some of the best anime i have ever seen the fight sequence and chase with at the beginning ...it's not the foreground you look at it's the background detail & colours ...amazing

    so they really have the chance to do something beautiful

    but on the other hand this could go badly wrong i know there has been a massive upset with the casting in certain quarters

    we shall see :)
  7. Off course not. I'm just going from what I've heard, read, seen so far. As it currently looks it's a coming of age, searching my past, character arc. Which points to a typical holivud restorative classical paradigm. I don't blame them for doing this and I didn't expect anything else actually. It's just really disturbing looking at this as fan of the original. Major was a tough, now it all, here she is a scared, left in the dark character. I'm just talking about the script and nothing more. Production design looks nice and so does everything else, beside some obvious green screens... One more thing that to me was better in the original is the android body design. There they had living muscles combined with metal bones. That really helped make everything a lot more visceral. Here it looks like they went for a more "Ex machina" type of look. Which is just another holivud play it safe move - IMO offcourse. Also, I can not agree less with the option for the main character.
  8. Looking forward to this. And I'm a big fan of the original and the cyberpunk genre.
  9. she should be Asian/Japanese...

    i love the anime.
  10. I'm not judging story or characters -- I'm just looking at the live-action images in the trailer and saying, "wow, this is a very striking picture." Nothing more or less than that.

    There are all kinds of movies that present great stories but look like crap, and some beautiful films that have terrible stories and characters. In this section of the forum, we're only talking about how things look.
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  11. I wish Idris Elba would be the next Bond.
  12. You're gonna laugh, but I saw Benedict Cumberbatch in Dr. Strange the other day and thought, "I would absolutely believe this guy as James Bond." I think he'd have to gain about 25 pounds of muscle for the part, but it could be done.

    I have liked Idris Elba very much in several parts he's done, but I think he's miscast in Dark Tower, and I don't see him as James Bond.
  13. I just enjoy the schadenfreude of people being irrationally angry at casting choices.
  14. Fans are usually consumers, and they get pretty upset about all that concerns the original story world, plot, characters, etc. And that's good, it shows that people are engaged in your product.
  15. Rikko Kikuchi would have been perfect in the main role
  16. Scarlett Johansson is playing the lead because she'll help sell the movie more than an unknown or little known Asian actress would, simple as that.
  17. Do you think Rinko Kikuchi is an unknown asian actress ?
  18. The film looks/artwork leans a bit more to Hajime Sorayama, but there has always been a huge lean to western art and actors in anime. I'm just hoping this film will introduce some people to the great works in anime which could bring them to films like "grave of the fireflies"(ton's of the great films are barely known in the west).

    On the arri65 front, I have been following that entire workflow. Starting at the lens and going all the way through final grading I have been hugely impressed (the arri 65 rental group that is involved through the entire process I find amazing). It's like when the director starts with a arri 65, that commitment to excellence follows through on every step, which I think is very visible & appreciated by the audience.
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