Glendale's Technicolor film lab closes

Dimitrios Papagiannis Jan 2, 2014

  1. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    We're getting close to the end of the end. They announced the Glendale facility in 2011, and now they are already closing it.

    Drabinsky told The Hollywood Reporter that while difficult to truly forecast, he believes that for at least another five years there will be release print business in North America, and even longer in the European market.

    So, does that leave Deluxe as the only large operation left offering film processing, or are they only doing release prints now?
  2. Fotokem in Burbank can still do front end developing for 35mm and 16mm, but they've never been known as a mass-quantity release print facility. Deluxe has always been able to do both processing and print work, and they can do 65mm as well (this is the Fernwood Avenue plant near Western in east Hollywood).

    The Glendale plant actually started being phased out almost a year ago; the real news was that they were finally shutting it down. I think Imax and Dreamworks had promised a certain amount of work, but for whatever reason, it wasn't enough to keep the doors open.

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