In Search of: 9.5mm scanning or telecine

Juan Salvo Oct 22, 2015

  1. Any one know of a facility with a 9.5mm gate in the US? Could be scanner or telecine. Not picky. Unfortunately it's just one reel that needs capture, so this isn't worth building a gate! But if someone knows of a facility that has one, would be helpful. Thanks.
  2. Maybe Robert Houllahan has one? Otherwise, Digital Vision office in LA will have their GoldenEye4 in the states next month with that gate.
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  3. They do archival work in the DC area. Never used them though.
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  4. We can't do 9.5mm yet.

    Maybe Perry at Gamaray digital (he is on here)

    Or get in touch with Jeff Kreines at
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  5. We don't have a 9.5 gate for our ScanStation, just 8/S8 and 16/S16 (...and 35 on the northlight)

    It comes up from time to time, but not often enough to justify the upgrade, unfortunately.

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  6. Kinetta.

    Rennie is working on a movable perf sensor for our Xena Dynamic Perf scanner which will allow for moving the optical sensor so it can see the 9.5mm middle perf.

    I know Jeff can do that on the Kinetta.
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  8. I'm detecting a pattern.

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