ISO Colorist in Los Angeles for 16-min. romantic comedy

Edina Kishonthy Sep 5, 2016

  1. We are looking for a colorist for our romantic comedy short, which is appr. 16 minutes, and was shot on DSLR (HD), using Cinestyle. We can pay an $300 flat fee upon completion and imdb credit on the film. When responding, please include link to your reel and list of credits / imdb profile, if applicable.
  2. My advice, if all you can pay is $300, save that money and try to do it yourself.
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  3. Or show a link so that people know what they are signing up for first, at 300 dollars for a short they are doing it to help you, and the project.
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  5. I wouldn't get picky either
  6. Mr. Bermudas, for someone who has 0 colorist credits on imdb, you seem to have a lot of wisdom to share on a thread that does not seem to concern you....
  7. that would be because I'm not a colorist.
    However, if you have any kind of experience in this industry you'd know that what you're offering is an insult.
  8. Hmmm... is that why I already got 20+ responses on other forums? Granted none from here. But plenty of qualified people from other places! Anyway... I see that you like trolling... on a site meant for colorists, though you are admittedly neither a colorist nor a someone who is offering a gig. So can you please stop harassing me? It's a free market and anyone is entitled to offer a job for any price. Take it or leave it.
  9. oh, I'm just a guy that likes to shoot videos with my photo camera and like to call myself a producer
  10. Whew, tough crowd.
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  11. Edina, offering $300 for what could be two days work, is going to rile some people. I hope you can find someone and yes it's a free market, but don't be surprised if you get what you pay for.
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  12. The reality is that most assistant/junior colorist jobs pay $15-20/hr in the US these days...$20 x 16 hours = $320
    Not a bad deal if you're a junior looking for footage to practice on?

    Whats an ISO colorist though?
  13. Hi Rick

    I found this on the internet...

    ISO (I.S.O.) is the abbreviation for the International Organization of Standardization, which doesn't seem to make sense from as an acronym, but its a governing body based in Europe that provides the standards for a wide variety of subjects.
    For photographers the key standard is Film Speed ratings. In the past this was known as ASA or the American Standards Association (Now discontinued and replaced by the American National Standards Institute or ANSI), and you could buy your films in ASA 50, 100, 200, 400, 800 and 1600. There were specialist films that would go higher or use infra-red although these were generally known as the standard speeds.
    Most decent cameras now have interchangeable ISO settings which is especially useful for digital photography because, as discussed in the previous chapter, you can change the ISO setting for every shot you take without the need to change film.
    So what ARE the settings and how do they affect your photos?
    The standard I.S.O that most people use everyday, giving accurate colour rendition and “clean” noise-free images is 100 I.S.O.
    If your camera is able to set a lower ISO of 50 or less, you will notice that the images become a little more saturated in their colours. You won’t see too much difference in quality like you do with 50 I.S.O. Slide film, but a slow film speed or I.S.O. with digital photography has its benefits nonetheless.

    And good luck Edina.
  14. Thanks. I should have added I and probably many others here probably know what ISO itself means already. (I would hope for a color grading forum)

    Is she only accepting colorists who only adjust the ISO setting in the metadata?
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  15. The ISO (International Standards Organization) defines a "Colorist" (aka Colourist, Colour Grader, Colour Timer or Finishing Artist) to be 5'9" +/- 5'8", Humanoid and able to withstand 23 hours of sub 100 nit illumination a day.
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  16. Plenty of colourists don't have imdb credits because they work on ads. Maybe he's one of them!
  17. I also wondered what ISO meant. Figured it was short for 'in search off'.
  18. Iso means big in Finnish. Where's the cutoff?
  19. Edina, did you find somebody?

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