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alexa maza Dec 20, 2016

  1. Prelight is a new free Mac OS X application designed to allow DOPs, colourists and other creatives to freely author, apply and modify looks. The commercial version, Prelight On-Set, extends these tools for DITs for use during production.

    Prelight On-Set provides the full product functionality needed for productions - including exporting 3D LUTs, support for driving LUT boxes and live SDI input - as well as, of course, all of the features provided with the free Prelight licence.

    To download Prelight On-Set and join our Open Beta Programme, go to
  2. Any plans for windows or linux applications at this point?
  3. Hi - Before looking at other platforms we want to make sure the application is successful and does what DoPs, DITs, colourists and other creatives need. We keep you posted and please don't hesitate to send us feedback in the meantime. Many thanks. Alexa
  4. Really nice stuff! Tested it out today. Feels like a baselight. Grading controls blow all the live grading competition out of the water. Where's the best place to leave feedback?


  5. Can you share the presentation given at Cameraimage? The slides were great.
  6. Lovely grading tools! Looking forward to base grade.
  7. During the beta period, if you find any issues about the product, have questions, or have any suggestions for enhancements, you can contact us via

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