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Justin McDonald Jun 6, 2013

  1. I've got some old 16mm print from the 50s that looks to have some warping and shrinking, it's bouncing around on the capstan and gate of my spirit. I'm looking for some leads on any facilities that might have one of these scanners to see if I can get a better scan. I've emailed kinetta but haven't received a response so I thought I would ask the collective. I went looking for a telecine/scanning sub-forum but couldn't find one, sign of the times I guess.

    Many thanks in advance,

  2. Jason Myres

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    If any of you run, or know of, facilities that could help Justin with this, feel free to post any thoughts you have along with your contact information.

    You can also PM Justin, if you'd like to contact him privately.
  3. I forwarded the original query directly to Jeff Kreines, inventor of the Kinetta scanner. He was unaware of this forum and promptly joined. He then tried to reply to the thread but got a message saying he has insufficient posting privileges. Can one of the mods look into this for him? Thanks.
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  4. Jason Myres

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    We hand-approve every member. Jeff should be all set now.
  5. Thanks for the quick response, Jason. It can't hurt to have an inventor/manufacturer on the forum.
  6. Way to go team
  7. Hello, everyone. Glad to discover a new forum devoted to grading, scanning, and restoration.

    The Kinetta Archival Scanner can handle extremely shrunken and damaged (including vinegar syndrome) film. Of course, some film will need digital stabilization and other fixes post-scanning, but as long as you can capture each entire frame you can then stabilize it without any loss of image, which is a problem with scanners and telecines that don't overscan.

    if you go to the Kinetta website ( and go to the scans page, there is a scan of some very damaged early 1950's Kodachrome with optical track of Walter Bach, inventor of the Auricon, demonstrating his new Pro-1200 camera poolside in the Hollywood Hills. The film had a lot of torn and missing perts, was severely cupped, and had VS. I ended up scanning it from tail to head, with no edge guide, using the Kinetta's unperforated option to scan without having usable perfs. It was stabilized with one pass through Final Cut X and a clean-up pass through Resolve 9. Audio extracted with AEO-Light.

    There isn't currently a Kinetta in Australia (we're working on it) but there are machines in 4 other continents. There is a new facility opening in NYC in July 2013 that would probably be your best bet for scanning this. Email me for particulars.

    Any let me know if you have any questions.

    Best wishes,

    Jeff Kreines
  8. Been flat out but thanks for the help guys, both in this thread and in pm's.

    I've gotten some leads which I will chase up to get an idea on costs.

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