Kodak & MGM Studio Tour

Jason Myres Dec 9, 2014

  1. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator


    From Myron Lenenski on the DI group at LinkedIn:

    For those of you who still work with film, here is a blast from the past Kodak Factory and MGM Studio tour.
    Here is a password protected clip we scanned for TCM recently about 1937 MGM and Kodak manufacturing:

    password is "cinepost"
  2. Wonderful Jason! Thanks for sharing this rare clip. I've never seen an excerpt of a manufacturing process of Kodak filmstock. Especially not from back in the day. "... and when that sun shines, brother it's hot".:)
  3. Thanks, Jason! Very rare and interesting film.
  4. Looks good for a Mk3
  5. That was great. Kodak really had a miraculous process for their time. One of their color scientists told me that traditional 35mm color negative had something like 16 different chemical layers to it (not just red, green and blue or yellow, cyan, and magenta). What amazed me was a) how they could keep each layer exactly the right thickness, and b) how the layers stuck together.

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