Kong: Skull island

Sanjin Švajger Nov 17, 2016

  1. Man I just love what they've done with this! Really bold image and I think it works really well. Kinda reminds a bit of Mad Max... Also the CGI looks nice not overly fake. This project looks like a colorists wet dream:)

  2. Nice indeed!!
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  3. I was initially very skeptical about this film, but the color is terrific and the story looks like a whole lot of fun. That's an amazing group of actors, too.
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  4. Can't wait to see this one, looks like a treat!
  5. I love the smell of Monkey in the morning.
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  6. So many bad comebacks come to mind...
  7. The early reviews say this is one of the rare films that bucks the trend of making the audience wait an hour or more to see the creature. You get Kong in your face pretty early on this one. (And god knows how that will smell.)
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  8. Larry Fong guys, he's a king. He's used to shooting on film and I think this is his first movie shot digitally. Alexa, anamorphic (Panavision lenses I'd say). I've never seen the Alexa look this good ever before, great color timing too. The texture is very pleasant, unilke any other Alexa shot film.
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  9. I had no idea this movie existed. It's looking pretty cool.
  10. Gee, I see an awful lot of nice-looking Alexa projects. In fact, I saw an Alexa horror project the other day where they had crushed the hell out of it and added quite a bit of film grain -- I thought it was 16mm!
  11. How come you are all so surprised about Alexa looking good?
  12. Because I usually don't like digital, I'm a film guy. There's really very few movies shot digitally that I think look good. Too often, I find it to be just too clean, sterile and flat. Nothing beats film (and has the charm & texture of film) imo.
  13. Does anyone know who colored this? IMDb doesn't have that info, but implies it was done at Fotokem. Love me some Larry Fong cinematography--he does amazing work. Kong is looking great, and has a heck of a cast, too.

  14. Dave Cole at Fotokem was the lead colorist on the project at Fotokem. I agree, the movie looks terrific, and Dave does great work.
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  15. He's got a heck of a resume. A lot of incredible projects. Now...is it coincidence that he also did Peter Jackson's Kong film, or is he just the go-to guy for Hollywood blockbuster giant ape films?

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