LA-LA LAND trailer

Marc Wielage Nov 18, 2016

  1. Holy moley... this trailer just blew me away.

    I had heard some rumblings about this, but I though it'd be one of those "super-serious," downbeat, emotional indies with all kinds of heavy acting and stuff, but I was blown away to discover it's a romantic comedy with all kinds of musical interludes. And the lighting and color work are absolutely stunning.

    I salute DP Linus Sandgren and colorist Natasha Lyonnet on their work -- these are really beautiful pictures.
  2. One word:Wow!
  3. Saw it at the Denver Film festival. Quite a film!
  4. That just looks amazing
  5. Finally saw La La Land. Beautiful images. Really loved the colors
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  6. Yeah it looked great. The rest of the movie wasn't that hot though. It was a musical that was over two hours and they had only a few musical numbers in it. They should've either dropped the musical numbers or made more of them. It feels like they forgot that it was a musical in the middle part.

    edit: Also the musical numbers weren't even that good. For some reason the commercial sell out concert thing was the most memorable of those.
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  7. Saw it in Dolby Cinema with Dolby Vision and Atmos, breathtaking pictures and sound! It's 2D so I got to enjoy the 106-nit peak luminance :)
  8. Aw, I loved it from start to finish. But then, I've seen many, many artists in LA who get their dreams crushed, or they sort of/kind of get their dreams, only they weren't quite what they expected them to be. So to me, the movie is almost a documentary. I thought the limited vocal ability of the two stars actually added to it, making them seem more like ordinary people and giving them some believability.

    There are a ton of those 90-second takes that are multiple shots stitched together, and the VFX are absolutely seamless. They also do several of those scenes that start on Steadicam, then the operator walks outside and steps onto a crane, which then lifts the entire rig up in the air. The results were really amazing. I'd also recommend everybody see this in Dolby Vision -- there's some extraordinary dynamic range in some scenes.
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