LG's new lineup

Adam Hawkey Jan 2, 2017

  1. the 32" seems a bit of a turkey with 95% of P3.. it's not even as good as the DreamColor and that went over really well for HP...

    lack of any spec's on the nanocell in the sales bumph, vauge Technicolor blessings aside, wait and see, but not holding breath....
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  2. I'm not holding my breath for a grade A from them, but a client monitor that comes out of black a little smoother than the OLEDs would be great.
    And I really need to upgrade my living room to 4K/HDR. Worst case, this will just drive down the E6's price.
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  3. "Home movie lovers will benefit from Technicolor’s renowned color science, applied in the majority of Hollywood premium content, through Technicolor Expert Mode, which is designed to deliver the most accurate colors possible in LG’s SUPER UHD TVs." :confused:

    I'll believe this when Technicolor is actually using this monitor as a client display in NY, London, LA, and Vancouver.

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