Looking for "Rogue One" in LA area

Gray Marshall Dec 20, 2016

  1. OK, my LA color people...

    I'm looking for the best MONO screening of "Rogue One" in the area. Ideally EDR/HDR.

    Whatcha got?
  2. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    My thought is the Dolby Cinema at AMC Century City. A lot of people think of the Burbank AMC based on it's sheer size, but after seeing Force Awakens and The Revenant there in Dolby Vision, I'm beginning to wonder if something's not quite right. Dolby Vision is an extremely powerful, awe-inspiring experience, and I just don't get that when I go to Burbank.

    Only a guess, but I believe the Dolby theater at Century City is smaller, creating an arrangement where the projector isn't stretched quite so much. I've been wondering about this for a while, and may try something like seeing Rogue One in both theaters on the same day, to figure out if it's a difference in theaters or just the movie itself.

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  3. I was thinking the same. Watching The Revenant at home in 4K blu-ray with HDR looks way more impressive than the time we all went to AMC Burbank.
  4. Gray, I've been told that Rogue One is in Dolby Vision, Laser projection, and Dolby Atmos at the El Capitan in Hollywood, non-3D:


    That's actually a very good theater. You figure Disney owns the theater, and they own Lucasfilm, so one would hope they've got those screenings pretty nailed down.

    I've heard they do a floor show prior to the movie where Imperial Stormtroopers dance like a Rockettes kick-line, but it's not been confirmed.
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  5. I saw it last Friday at the El Capitan. It's awesome. Definitely the best projection I've ever seen. I saw Revenant at Dolby Burbank and Moana at Dolby Century City. I preferred CC. Those Dolby theaters are amazing and I wouldn't hesitate to see Rogue One there but the El Cap presentation was top notch.
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  6. Hey Gray,
    I also like the El Capitan. After grading the Dolby Laser 3D version of BFG at Technicolor Hollywood and then seeing the EL Cap presentation, I was very impressed. The image and sound were spot-on. Disney went to great lengths to make sure Andy Nelson (mixer), me and the Dolby Laser team were all there at the run-through to sign off on picture and sound before the premiere. Although the premiere for Rouge One was at the Pantages, I’m sure the Dolby engineers and Disney have the mono version at the El Capitan in perfect spec.
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  7. Kinda disappointed again with the HDR viewing experience of a Rogue One in a Dolby Cinema at AMC Century City. It was decent, but I expected it to be better. Oh well...

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