Master Colorist Needed for Dolby/Los Angeles

Marc Wielage Dec 19, 2016

  1. Master Colorist, Image Technology
    Dolby Laboratories
    Burbank, CA, US


    Based just outside of L.A., near all of the major Hollywood studios, Dolby’s Image Technology research group has an ideal environment in which to understand and contribute to the science of motion pictures. As consumer distribution continues to shift from disc based media toward network streams, the opportunity for innovation will be limitless. Our goal is to create the highest quality video experience possible, whether a consumer chooses to watch the big screen in a theater, a flat panel in the living room or a smartphone on the go.We work collaboratively in small teams to invent and develop digital video processing algorithms that maintain the original intent of content creators, while meeting the constraints of networks, embedded systems and displays.

    • Operate color correction equipment in supervised color-grading sessions aimed at creating and finishing content for use in testing, demonstration and marketing of Dolby products. .
    • Modify color and make editorial changes to content as requested by internal or external clients.
    • Offer advice on color, film and video delivery formats and other technical issues.
    • Provide quality control review sessions for film elements and sequences.
    • Work with stereographers on 3D alignment, convergence and color correction issues.
    • Interact with film laboratory and other 3rd party vendors.

    • 10 years of experience as a colorist in a video post-production or film post-production color correction environment (e.g. telecine, digital intermediate, film color timing, etc).
    • Comprehensive technical and creative knowledge of the entire color grading process.
    • Extensive experience with color correction systems: LUSTRE, Baselight, DaVinci or equivalent platforms.
    • Extensive experience in critically and technically evaluating film based or digital imagery.
    • Knowledge of motion picture laboratory terminology and techniques.
    • Knowledge of Sound Production processes and appropriate sound element deliverables.
    • Understanding the proper use of look-up-tables and other color science processes.
    • Ability to work and deliver under tight delivery deadlines.
    • Working knowledge of video equipment (video tape decks, monitors, reticle generators, still stores, etc)
    • Knowledge of stereography terms and principles.
    • Ability to identify and correct stereographic abnormalities, artifacts and errors.
    • Experience in interacting with film laboratories, color correction hardware vendors
    • Basic knowledge of command-line/shell interface.
    • Understanding of standard motion picture production practices, SMPTE and other industry standards.

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