Narcos Season 2

gavin nugent Sep 13, 2016

  1. Just put this out there .....yes its great


    i watched season one in HD and it looked amazing very filmic and i have just finished watching season 2 in UHD

    now i'm not sure what is going on, the colour is great but it look like i,m watch HFR material something is very odd with the picture. its super smooth ....or Hyper Tv as i call it like watching 60p/50p

    some of the shots look like daytime soap opera ...i don't want to be mean, as its great overall

    mr robot 2 in 4k on amazon looks great and just as i expect it would

    i have done fair few 4k project myself and they don't look like that

    so its not my TV

    is it the way netflix encodes this stuff or did they shoot this HFR

    i need to go back and watch season one again in 4k ..but did anyone else spot anything odd
  2. I'm seeing what could be some 200° shutter artifacts or something like that, so maybe they went to that for exposure issues:

    It all still looks beautiful, so it could be that kind of motion was just a deliberate creative choice.
  3. Too me it looked a little super sharpened, especially in landscape shots. I also felt the soap opera effect at times. But that might have been the Netflix 4K Al Gore Rhythm. Al Gore Rhythm, that's just awful. Never say that again. OK. sorry.
  4. I think it's a creative choice... I guess they intended to give it a documentary feel...

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