Recommeds for Super 8 Scanning US

eric maurer May 27, 2014

  1. Does anyone know of a US based facility that still does Super 8 or reg 8 Scanning

    Thanks in advance
  2. Cinelicious!! They are great
  3. Is Super 8 Sound in Burbank still doing it? Their sign still hangs above the shop.
  4. Yes

    In LA there is Pro-8 (super8 sound) Spectra, Cinelicious and Yale I am not sure if Fotokem does any 8mm stuff.
  5. I can second Gamma Ray Digital.
    Perry has a 5k Lasergraphics Scanstation which is probably as good as it gets for super 8. Great guy and top notch quality control.

    If you want to stretch that US dollar, you can send it to us in Toronto. We also have a 5k Lasergraphics Scanstation and can also do 16 and 35mm on her.


    Best of luck!

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