Stranger Things

gavin nugent Jul 27, 2016

  1. its on Netflix they tried really hard to make it look like goonies/close encounter/jaws period look

    it think they did a great job it was shot on RED are a few moment in it when you totally think you're watching something from the 80,s they have even mimicked filming methods

    it's great and well worth a watch and a great job on the colour front
  2. Yeah totally agree, just watched the first episode last night and loved it. They really nailed the 80's vibe in the grade, of course set design, lighting, costume/wardrobe, etc play a big role in that as well.

  3. absolutely they put the effort in to the period "look" aspect in every part of the production ..even down to some of those camera moves and the pace in the edit is pitch perfect
  4. Also reaaaaally good casting. The only thing that bugged me were some of the CG stuff but a really good horror/mystery show nonetheless.
  5. My only criticism is that it wasn't actually shot on film. This show would make such a great case for being shot film as apposed to digital. I know, budget blah blah but to me that's a miss. Everything else is really good.
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  6. Thats a very interesting point , true detective season 1 i believe was shot on film i wonder why they went digital with this, when the whole exercise was to make it look like 80,s film far more than TD need to be as that was flashback and current day .....maybe it's a netflix,s thing ......i'm mean shooting on film in first place would give you a good start....... irrespective of the fact that the stocks are very different today than those out and about in the 80's
  7. Ha! it didn't take long for someone to make this

    Please Don't watch it if you haven't see the the series yet

    as it will spoil some key moments ................ so once more don't watch it until you have seen the program

    however if you have seen it

    some of this refs are very close...... some are bit vague
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  8. I love the show! Lots of references to stuff we┬┤ve seen before obviously, but the kids were amazing and the grading 10/10 ! I would love to know more about the process..
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  9. Lovin' the show and instantly thought "E.T.".
  10. Just watched the first episode and thought it was dynamite. It's my second-favorite TV series of the year so far, right after Mr. Robot.

    Note that Strange Things was color-timed by Skip Kimball over at Technicolor/Hollywood. Skip does terrific work.
  11. I love the 2:1 aspect-ratio. Not sure if this would be possible outside of netflix, most networks are pretty hard set on 16:9 for episodic TV shows.
  12. House of Cards is also 2.00:1, which I think was a demand from producer/co-creator David Fincher.
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  13. Yup. Master of None is in glorious 2.35:1. What a time to be alive.
  14. Mike Most has said elsewhere that Stranger Things was released in 1.90:1, the native 4K aspect ratio of the 4096x2160 Red Dragon pickup.

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