The Coloristos ColorCast - Episode 3 "Grading Monitors"

Jason Myres Aug 5, 2012

  1. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    Coloristos Episode 3 is Available!

    This show we're talking about...

    • Monitors for color grading, the various display technologies available, the difference between a computer display and a reference monitor, and the factors that make a display suitable for color accurate work.

    There have been a lot of questions about displays lately, so this episode is for anyone looking into a high-quality monitor for grading. We'll be covering this topic a lot more in episodes to come, but this is an initial overview of what's available and what to look for in a grading monitor.

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  2. Esteban Aguilera

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    Is like a dedicated podcast to me ;)
  3. Awesome! Great podcast.
  4. nice episode guys! ... a really good (but not tooooooo expensive) monitor is basically the "only" think left for my edit suite ;) but all these numbers and models in that podcast .... i kinda lost track ;)

    so what are the the impotent ones u recommend ... panny / FSI ...

    PS. i use a DELL U2711 for the GUI ... that one is pretty nice but now i really only need a nice screen to connect with my BMD Decklink HD Extreme 2 to monitor 1080p25 (to replace that "old" SONY BRAVIA LCD TV ... i did like and kinda trust over the years but its by far not 100% ;)
  5. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    The monitors we mentioned...

    PRM-4200 LCD:

    BVM-E250 OLED:
    PVM-2541 OLED:

    LM-2461W LCD:
    CM-170W LCD:

    Verite DT-V24G11Z LCD:

    BT300 Pro Plasma:
    VT50 Plasma (2012):
    VT30 Plasma (2011):
    VT25 Plasma (2010):
    11UK Pro Plasma (2009):

    If you don't have a few thousand dollars, you can start out with a Panasonic Plasma, and get it calibrated or run it in THX mode until you can.

    Once you do, you can look at possibly getting the Sony PVM, which has an OLED panel element that offers great black levels, but a narrower angle of view or the FSI 2461W, which uses a Wide Gamut CCFL LCD, offers wider viewing angles, and good black levels for an LCD.

    There are also a number of other units we didn't mention, but maybe some people can chime in about displays they are having a good experience with.
  6. It's awesome podcast guys. Tons of great info.
  7. Do not use Plasmas for critical grading - ABL kills them!!!

    We have worked with Penta to get their displays accurate for colour work, and have just started working with FSI as well.
    There is a thread on Creative Cow about the FSI displays that got us involved...

    As for plasmas - see
    They are just not at all suitable for accurate colour work.

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