The Love Witch (2016)

Heiko Thies Aug 5, 2016

  1. Ok, this is just for the sake of the look of this movie. I just came across this trailer on youtube and was blown away by how close they nailed the look of the 60ies technicolor era:

    Did anyone here work on this in any capacity and can maybe elaborate a bit on this?
  2. It was shot on Kodak stocks. I met the filmmaker at a festival, she is trusty an auteur. She did all the costume and set work herself. Not certain, but I think they did a traditional timing and not DI. Amazing film.
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  3. Matthew, thanks a lot. That's truly amazing. I was pretty sure they shot digital and was blown away how close they got to the look. Wasn't expecting them to go the extra mile and do it completely old school. Crazy cool.
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  5. Thank you, Tim. Some great insights in that discussion over there!

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