The Neon Demon by Nicolas Winding Refn

sushil gangaraju Jun 12, 2016

  1. I can't wait for this release! Art direction, cinematography and color look incredible.
  2. I saw it the other day ! It's beautiful ! I wonder how the coulourist worked on the film, he has also graded melancholia :)
  3. The film is very stylish and designed with a lot of care. I was involved with this trailer.
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  4. its a bit weird to mention, but i retouched and graded around 80 stills for this feature.
    Been to facility and watch Norman finishing up the grade to get a right "feel" of the look to keep stills in more or less same universe..
    Was quite an experience to be involved with this project!
    great job on trailer, Igor!
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  5. I saw this movie last week. Great cinematography, color, and art direction!!! I had an eyegasm during the whole feature. Definitely going into my collection.
  6. Well I agree with the statement about amazing cinematography but anything you could say; Refn is a smart ass, really embarrassing guy and his films - except Valhalla Rising - are quiet overrated plots without a real poetics and imagery structure.
    He's a cinema journalism product. Sorry.
    The Neon Demon is an absolutely disgusting trendy movie.

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