There is a tech company making products for creatives again

Juan Salvo Oct 26, 2016

  1. And its not the fruit co. Surprisingly innnovative offerings are coming out of Microsoft.

    Lots worth checking out.

    Particularly interesting is their surface studio and surface dial. These look like great interfaces for creative work.

    It's nice to see a company innovating in a way that helps people create content rather than just consume it.
  2. So it's like a reaaally expensive iMac?

  3. Interesting, but we all need CPU / GPU HORSEPOWER and that seems to be taking a back seat to mobile. Follow the money, as a shareholder I wouldn't want Apple or MS working on desktop systems to any great degree.

    After years of "PC" growth in our industry, I think we may return to higher priced, purpose built, low volume sales for upper mid-market professional work, not sure how we will pay for it?

    Or we may "work" on a color managed tablet with proxy media and then send the render to Amazon or MS. The "cloud" business made MS a boatload of money in the last quarter.
  4. It's really neat and the screen with the pen thingy might be great if I knew how to draw. That said, I don't want to drop that kind of money for mobile hardware.
  5. Considering it has GTX 980 w/ 4GB RAM. Might be able to handle a little bit.

    BTW, iMac with a smaller screen, no touch, 1TB less storage and much worse GFX is also ~$4K.
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  6. Just saw this on another blog.
    Was excited until it said that it has a 980 instead of the new 10xx series and not a full SSD.
    Now that's fine if you can upgrade it later, but if not, then I would think twice.
    Why is it that they always only go so far instead of all the way. Always puzzled by that. :-/
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  7. A slight correction if I may. It's the 980M.
  8. I guess I never got that far in the iMac build to see how much they are - nuts as well.

    HATE the "throw away" mentality of these things, unless they can be upgraded (not everything soldered in / specialty form factor.) Makes sense from the company (MS /Apple) prospective though, bought my oMP 5.1 in 2011 and been upgrading since.

  9. :mad:
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  10. I see it as a Wacom Cintiq competitor.

    Could be badass to bring it on set and use Scratch as an on-set grading system.
  11. When I watched the photos of the Surface Studio I was meh....but after watching this video I get it now, they're really putting big pressure on Apple. For graphic designers this is incredible.

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  12. Jason Myres

    Jason Myres Moderator

    I'm glad someone still cares about advancing the desktop. Companies seem to assume that everything we used to do at a desk, can now be done while walking to Starbucks. Its as if several centuries of people working at desks has been forgotten.

    A lot of the ideas in the Surface originated from research projects like Reactable. They may look obvious now, but many of them were developed quite a while before iOS, Android, or the Surface even existed. It's cool that Microsoft is working to market some of it to the public, although, there is way more you can do with the concept of a Surface Dial than use it as a color picker...

  13. The display looks like another custom Panasonic IPS-Pro panel which has been proven to be extremely accurate on Surface Book, Eizo CG247X/CG2420 and FSI DM240.
  14. I had one of the early microsoft surfaces, weighed over 100 pounds with i think 6 ir camera's inside it ... but now I use my microsoft surface pro (1.7 pounds) with a i7 and 16gb of ram all the time. I actually mainly run vmware/ubuntu on the surface pro to do all my linux work, then when I need the performance the jobs just move to the pure linux servers. When I ran visa labs sf office a few years back the augmented reality blocks were some of the most used items(in foreground): [​IMG]
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  15. Thank you Apple for ceding the creative professional market with aplomb so Microsoft could step in and do something truly COURAGEOUS.
  16. minorityresolve.jpg
  17. Not too far-fetched when you add a HoloLens to the mix

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