Ti's the season to release Nucoda and Phoenix 2016.1 R2

Patrick Morgan Dec 20, 2016

  1. Hi there all, after the hugely successful release of 2016.1 we had a few things that just didn't make it...so we have released 2016.1 R2 - just to get the last stuff in that we wanted to the first time around. We have updated both Arri and RED support to the latest versions and added a little update to ACES with a LMT to take care of those nasty out of gamut colors that can and do pop up.

    Theres also a few smaller things that we hope you find useful. Have fun...


  2. Wow! Interesting, thanks !
  3. Both solid releases Pat! Love the addition of the new indicators in the layer stack!
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  4. Is there a Nucoda trial version available does anyone know?
  5. Give them an email they can supply you with a temporary license and send around a rep to walk you through it. They did it for me unfortunately the software crashed if we touched certain buttons so didn't rally get a feel for it. But cool software.
  6. Tim, what buttons were you pressing that were causing it to crash?
  7. Honestly it was so long ago I don't really remember specifically. Some random tools plus the onscreen virtual touchpad. It was likely attributed to trying to use the software under Windows 10 which at the time they did not support (not sure about now).

    It was a shame because I was actually really impressed by the software from what I got to use otherwise and would like to have another look at it now that there's another release out.
  8. Yes, support for Windows 10 was added recently, although I'm still not sure if it's official yet. Nucoda is one of the least hardware demanding platforms. it will run on pretty much anything, including even a MacBookPro under the Bootcamp, provided you have a fast cache drive. As long as you use the recommended GPU and the qualified nVidia driver, you should have no issues with crashes. Getting the demo license too is pretty easy. Nucoda is pretty unique software and it is capable of the most nuanced color work.
    They may even brought back the MC Color support, but I'm not entirely sure about that one...

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