1. Jason Myres

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    WTFH?....That's basically what I asked the technical support guy at our new web host driving into work last Monday. Troubleshooting a major outage over the phone in LA rush hour has an odd sort of charm.

    "There seems to have been a mistake with your data migration."

    For the second time in four years, the hosting company we've been with has been sold. The first time was in 2013, and the second occurred this past month. The company we've been with the past three years decided to exit web hosting to focus on enterprise, which is tough because they were really, really good. The company that bought us, on the other hand, couldn't get our data migration right.

    So, Lift Gamma Gain went down early in the morning Monday 21st, and after a lot emails and phone calls it was clear we wouldn't be up soon. We weren't the only website down, and Holiday/ Black Friday online shopping craziness wasn't helping, so that's when we put up the splash page saying we'd be back on Sunday.

    We needed every single day, but the good news is we didn't lose any of our data. After a crazy week of trying to recover the site we were technically back up early Saturday morning. As soon as the site was online, I began transferring it to a new hosting provider I've been using for other projects over the past two years. They are awesome and huge. If anyone buys them, it's going to have to be someone like IBM. And hopefully IBM will get our data migration right.

    In the process of migrating to the new server, we took advantage of the opportunity to update everything; our server software, the forum system, the main site design, as well as retiring a number of add-on features that have newer/ better versions included right in the forum system.

    Some highlights:

    • Completely Responsive design that re-formats for your web browser, tablet, or phone.

    • Advanced Message Editor with Drafts (saved up to 48 hours), Autosave (every 60 seconds), and...

    • iPhone-Style Emojis available in the new "Emoji Smiles" tab when you post.

    • Content tagging: Add tags like dci-p3, looks, calibration, alexa, R3D, etc to make your posts easier to find with...

    • New Advanced Search Engine. Search terms as small as three characters (finally!). Tons of new filters, like tags, username, time period, subforum, etc.

    • Ability to call attention to a post with Twitter-style user shoutouts using @username.

    • Multi-quote: Click the "Quote" button on each post you'd like to include before you click "Reply" allowing you to include all the posts you need in one step.

    • Updated media linking, embedding, and image gallery support in user messages.

    • Features like Top Posts, Most Likes, New Posts, Latest Threads, Notable Users, and other features that were handled by add-ons before, are now handled directly in the forum system.

    • Many services we used for things like Twitter and RSS integration have been replaced with newer, more advanced alternatives.

    • A long list of new security and bug fixes, and of course...

    • General performance and stability improvements.

    The earlier version of the site gave us very few problems, and was the result of four years of refinement and configuration. I was able to bring over about 90% of the changes from our old forum, but there are still some things to add, especially to the design of the site, as well as some new features we'll install soon.

    It appears we have some user avatars missing, so any of you that uploaded an avatar directly to the forum (as opposed to using Gravatar) may need to re-upload them.

    Any new users that signed up at the time of the outage (Nov 20th-21st) may need to sign up again. Please use the same email you used before and we'll get you approved.

    If you run into any issues, feel free to post about it in this thread and we'll check it out.

    Thanks for being so patient while we brought everything back online.

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  2. Josh Petok

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    Looks great so far. Thanks Jason!
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  3. Thanks for the hard work, great to see you back online!
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  4. I echo the sentiments above. Subtle changes but looks great and do appreciate your hard work Jason.
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  5. Awesome work - thanks for putting it all up Jason!
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  6. Hey, who turned out the lights?

    Ah, it's all back now. Never mind.
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  7. I'm really digging the new look. Very clean and easy on the eyes.
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  8. Thank you for all the work on the site! I can only imagine the amount of time and effort something like this takes and the downtime served as a nice reminder of the value of this resource.
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  9. Good to have you back online. Although I was able to get to some long postponed projects on the weekend while you migrated.
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  10. I didn't realize how often I use this site, until it was gone.
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  11. Nice. Like the mobile design!
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  12. Thanks a lot for your hard work, Jason!
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  13. Glad your back ......it's quite amazing how much people use this site, well i do any way most of the searches i did last week linked back to here ..and it was gone :)

    thanks for all your hard work Jason its really appreciated
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  14. Looks good!
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  15. Looking good!

    For future reference, I've used Pair Networks in Pittsburgh for 20 years for various sites (starting with a once-rather-large post production forum). Top notch support, fantastic uptime, and they have no intention of selling out to a larger company. It's not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for with them.
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  16. Thanks for all your work on the site Jason, I've learned so much info here and it is definitely a journey that continues...much appreciation!
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  17. Thanks for all the great work!
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  18. Great!!! Thanks!
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  19. Glad to see you were able to get the site "Resolved" :D
    Looks good! I'm liking the updates.

    • General performance and stability improvements.
    Isn't that BM's line? ;)
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  20. Good to see LGG back, I'm having issues loading many of the avatars across the site.
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